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As people, we move forward together by collaborating and learning from each other. Societies evolve at the rate at which they can exchange information. Think of the telegraph->Radio->TV->Internet for audio, images, video. Now, we are entering the spatial communication age. Through the use of digital 3D information (Augmented Reality), we can provide more context and better understand each other. There are unimaginable opportunities ahead, and we are starting out by empowering engineers and radiologists to increase their rates of information exchange through the use of spatial information: Whether that is medical data, or mechanical design data, we are here to make it easier to work with others. 



Enhanced communication for radiologists and engineers through the use of spatial information (AR) to improve processes and outcomes. For surgical planning and patient consent, to device creation and innovation. 


The company Time and Space exists to propel society forward by enabling spatial communication. Removing the barriers between devices and people, and creating a more natural communication experience. We exist to increase the rate at which society evolves by increasing the rate of information exchange. 

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